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We put the "people" in "people-led storytelling" by creating social media content that's as captivating and unique as the individuals we feature, leaving audiences feeling both entertained and inspired.

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FedEx - BeatBox

Get ready to experience the journey of a product like never before! We were thrilled when we were commissioned by our client Goodrelation to produce and direct a set of social films that take you on a behind-the-scenes journey from the factory floor to your front door. But we wanted to go beyond the expected and give you a truly unique viewing experience. That's why we enlisted the help of an international beatboxing champion, Hobbit!

FedEx - Playing under pressure - UEFA

Our client came to us with a mission: to produce and create a fun set of social films for the UEFA Champions League final. 


To make things even more thrilling, we asked football fanatics to share their most glorious moments of playing the game under pressure. And get this - we enrolled the one and only Leah Thomas, an international freestyle champion, to star in the films! We put her in the craziest, most surreal situations imaginable, all in the name of stopping her from scoring. It was an absolute thrill ride from start to finish!

And the cherry on top? The final films were met with thunderous applause, with subscriptions on both FedEx and the UEFA Twitter pages

Surrender to Game of Thrones


We were faced with a challenge - how do we get more viewers on board with Game of Thrones by season 6? Some people just weren't sold on the show, thinking it was all about dragons and nudity (which, let's be honest, they're not entirely wrong).

So we came up with a genius plan: we recruited celebrity fans to talk about their love for the show! We created four on-air TV ads featuring celebs like Joanna Lumley, Ronan Keating, and others discussing how special Game of Thrones was to them. And let's just say, it was a hit!

And the results? Phenomenal! We attracted a whole new audience to Game of Thrones, and our social campaign was a smash hit. Who knew that getting some celebrity fans to talk about their favorite show could be so effective?





We came up with a brilliant idea to create a B2B social campaign centered around the feasibility of owning an electric car, with the help of the right team. We are proud to have executed this campaign successfully, and it has been well-received by our audience.

To add some excitement to the campaign, we hosted a lively game show where our staff members were pitted against each other to showcase their knowledge and expertise in selling electric cars. The game show was not only informative but also entertaining and engaging for our audience.

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