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From script
to screen

By using creative storytelling techniques and visual elements, a brand film can capture the essence of your brand and showcase it in a way that connects with your target audience. Core Blimey has created films from initial market research to script and film. With in-house production and scriptwriting, we create stories that resonate with the viewer.


Step into the world of Soho, where history and creativity collide. Our brand film takes you on a journey through the streets of this iconic London neighborhood, introducing you to the fascinating people who work and live here

The films are a celebration of Soho's vibrant spirit and its enduring place in the cultural landscape of London.

Maxhosa - Google Buisness.

Core Blimey helped produce a set of films that highlights the wonderful creativity in South Africa. These businesses are the lifeblood of South Africa, and they're pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation every day. The films capture their unique stories and showcase the incredible products and services they offer.

FedEX - BeatBox

Get ready to experience the journey of a product like never before! We were thrilled when we were commissioned by our client to produce and direct a set of social films that take you on a behind-the-scenes journey from the factory floor to your front door. But we wanted to go beyond the expected and give you a truly unique viewing experience. That's why we enlisted the help of an international beatboxing champion, Hobbit!


Core Blimey took on the task of producing a long-form film for The Retreat, a mind and health group, which explores the sensitive topics of trauma and mental health. The individuals in the film had to open up and confront their fears, making it a vulnerable and personal experience. The production and planning of the film had to be done with great care and attention to ensure it did not disrupt their journey while capturing the subtle changes they underwent.

We were pleased to hear that the film Love(d) was selected to be featured on Amazon Prime's documentary season.

The Village 

We were given the opportunity to develop a series of brands that would showcase the remarkable work being done at Whitley Village, an independent care home that places a strong emphasis on providing its residents with as much independence as possible. The film we created tells the individual stories of the residents and the unique life paths that led them to make Whitley Village their home. Our goal in producing the film was to highlight the outstanding efforts of the organization and to create a connection with potential investors.


Core Blimey was approached by Edelman to create a brand film for DP World. The film showcases DP World's innovative approach to sustainability and philanthropy. The company collected thousands of lost golf balls from golf courses across Europe, refurbished them, and resold them. The profits were then donated to various charities. The film follows the journey of the DP World container as it travels to different golf events and showcases the impact that DP World's initiative had on both the environment and the community.


Behind the Light

The Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley commissioned a short documentary film that turned out to be a huge success! The film celebrated not only one of the oldest cinemas in London but also the extraordinary career of the longest-serving British projectionist, Peter Bailey.


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