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Aplazame, the Spanish and Portuguese version of Klarna, underwent a comprehensive rebranding effort by Core Blimey. This included a complete redesign of the logo and guidelines, visual representation, photography, as well as app and web design. Despite being unveiled during the second year of lockdown, the new brand propelled Aplazame to the forefront of the market with its fresh appearance. This successful rebrand resulted in a 70% upsurge in usage.

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Our team was recently approached by Created by Us, an agency that had just completed a rebranding project for the iconic Simon Kutcher logo. They had a special request for us: to create an exciting visual brand reveal film for an opening event at a surround screen (or ScreenX format) theater.


The event was to be attended by 500 people, including company members from around the world who were eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the new Simon Kutcher brand.

Our mission was clear: to visually communicate the brand's core values, style, and philosophy in a captivating and engaging manner that would unite the company and inspire them to look towards the future. It was a challenging project, but we were up for the task and determined to create something truly memorable.

The theater event was a huge success, and the feedback we received from the audience was phenomenal. We were thrilled to have been a part of such an incredible project, and to have helped bring the Simon Kutcher brand to life in a way that exceeded our client's expectations. It was an honor to work with such a talented team at Created by Us, and we look forward to more exciting collaborations in the future.



Core Blimey collaborated with Glow Tech to establish its brand identity and produce a series of videos highlighting its products and strategies. Additionally, we partnered with Glow Tech to develop conference videos and business-to-business content and communications.

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