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Sochi 2014 Winter Games - opening sequence.


We were given the thrilling task of creating an opening sequence that would leave people buzzing with excitement, and we were determined to deliver. So, we took the deconstruction of the Channel 4 logo to the snowy slopes of Sochi, and from there, we let our creativity run wild.


Starting with the initial character design and dynamic storyboards, we crafted a fully animated sequence that would get hearts racing. Our heroes fearlessly tackled the harsh and challenging elements of the slope, all while keeping their eyes on the ultimate prize - the gold medal.

To add to the excitement, we had the amazing Public Enemy once again provide a memorable score that perfectly complemented the visuals. The result was an opening sequence that left viewers hyped up and ready to watch the games.


For over two weeks, the sequence was viewed by thousands across the country every day, adding to the fun and excitement of the event. And in the end, nothing could get in the way of our heroes' determination to succeed.

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