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Behind the Light


The Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley commissioned a short documentary film that turned out to be a huge success! The film celebrated not only one of the oldest cinemas in London but also the extraordinary career of the longest-serving British projectionist, Peter Bailey.

Despite having no formal training, Peter learned everything there is to know about cinema "through osmosis" as a young apprentice at the very cinema where he would eventually retire from decades later. As technology continues to evolve, rendering much of the old magic obsolete, Peter continued to work tirelessly, seamlessly transitioning from celluloid to the digital age.

Our branded film captures the essence of Peter's remarkable journey, highlighting the rich history and cultural significance of The Phoenix Cinema. Through our expert storytelling and stunning visuals, we were able to create a captivating piece of cinema that truly resonated with audiences.

It's no surprise that our film was met with overwhelming acclaim, as it provided a unique perspective on the ever-changing film industry and the unsung heroes who keep it running. We're incredibly proud of this successful branded film, and we look forward to bringing more inspiring stories to the screen in the future!





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