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London 2012 Paralympics.


Prepare to be blown away by the sheer awesomeness of the Paralympic Games! At our company, we have a deep passion and love for these incredible athletes and their accomplishments. That's why we created a set of characters that embody the incredible skill and determination of Paralympians.

Our characters are brought to life in the vibrant streets of London through a combination of animation and live-action. We wanted to showcase the energy and excitement of the Paralympic Games in a way that was both innovative and memorable.

The "Super-human" concept for our brand was inspired by the incredible achievements of Paralympians. They are at the cutting edge of sport and technology, pushing human beings further than ever before. To represent them, we created figures made up of 3D abstract shapes that echo the Channel 4 brand logo. These shapes can construct and de-construct as they interplay with their specially shot environments.

The result is a campaign that is both assertive and memorable. We set the visuals to the iconic Public Enemy track 'Harder Than You Think', which perfectly captures the power and determination of Paralympic athletes.

We're proud to have created a campaign that truly embodies the spirit of the Paralympic Games. It's a celebration of the incredible skill and determination of these athletes, and a reminder of just how far human beings can push themselves when they put their minds to it.


London 2012 Paralympics - teaser campaign.

The London Olympics had been a success but you haven't seen anything yet. A pre-event campaign teased viewers to not switch off and prepare to really be impressed.

London 2012 Paralympics - print campaign.

Followed of course by the superhumans. 

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