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ITV - On the Ball Titles Opening sequence


Can you believe it? On the Ball is back on our screens, and we played a major part in making it happen! As passionate football enthusiasts, we knew that something had to be done to revive this incredible show, and we rolled up our sleeves to help bring it back to life.

We recognized the need for a fresh, youthful perspective that would speak to the next generation of football fanatics, regardless of gender. And boy, did we deliver! The new and improved On the Ball has truly captured the hearts and minds of viewers, and we couldn't be prouder of the role we played in making it happen.

Shot on the hottest day of the year on the vibrant streets of London, with some of the most talented and prolific freestylers in the industry, it was an absolute joy to watch. We were on the edge of our seats the entire time, completely enthralled by the incredible skill and passion on display.

To be able to create something that brings so much joy and excitement to the football community is truly an honor. 


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